Master of the Effacers


The founder and master of the Effacers, Shuth is the source of the technique that allows for the transfer of dragonmarks from living flesh to a Khyber dragonshard. An eladrin woman with copper skin and adamantine black hair, her age is impossible to determine, though she’s let slip historical references that indicate she is at least 500 years old.

Shuth is a woman of nearly infinite patience. So long as a job is completed, she doesn’t care how long it takes – often to the frustration of the Dragonmarked Houses that offer the majority of the Effacers’ jobs. She is also a woman with very little time for hand-holdong. Typically, members of the Effacers only see her during their initial training and when she is delivering mission assignment or rewards. She otherwise remains within her private sanctum and leaves standing orders that she is not to be disturbed unless it is essential to a mission.

What it is that Shuth does in her sanctum is unclear. Older members of the Effacers have speculated that she conducts magical experiments with the marks confiscated by the Effacers. This theory has some credit, since no one sees the confiscated marks again once they are handed over to her. It is also believed that she handles the network of contacts necessary to keep the Effacers hidden from within the sanctum. Again, this theory is supported, since members of the Effacers never have trouble crossing national borders with fake identification papers. Her right-hand man, Ulrich, is the only one allowed into the sanctum, so he is one of the few people who might know the truth.


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