The Goblin Knight


Confirmed gear:
- Adamantine Armor
- Flametongue Longsword
- Ring of Telekinesis


Ulrich joined the Effacers a mere five years ago, but already he is the right-hand man of Master Shuth. How he obtained this position so quickly is unclear, since he is never sent on excoriation missions, yet his combat skills are undeniable. Enemies of the Effacers have started disappearing since he joined the group, so it’s possible that Shuth is using him as an enforcer and assassin. The fact that Shuth has started finishing high-priority orders with, “If you disobey, I’ll send Ulrich for you,” makes this a popular theory among the Effacers.

A hobgoblin of the Kech Shaarat (the Bladebearers Clan), Ulrich is openly proud of his lineage as an Heir of the Dhakaani Empire. He has dedicated his life to mighty deeds that will herald the rebirth of the Empire. He acquired a reputation as an adventurer prior to joining the Effacers. With the exception of his armor, all of the magical gear in his private arsenal was already his when he arrived, and every piece has a story he is happy to share.


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